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7 Tips For A Safe Road Trip

7 Tips for a Safe Road Trip

Spring Break is here and summer is almost upon us. The open highway calls, steering you and your vehicle far from your local insurance agent. Keep your family safe and your journey hassle-free with some easy to follow tips for a safe road trip.

1. Check Your Ride – How are your tires holding up? Have you had an oil change recently? Regular maintenance is important any time of year, but it’s essential before you take your car for a lengthy trip. Your trip could lead you through unfamiliar territory, and if your tire pressure gauge lights up, you may not be near a free fill-up amidst miles of scenic landscapes. Remember, the dreaded “check engine” light is sure to be the buzzkill of your mountain tour. Also, don’t forget to make sure that your brakes are working as you are driving on roads that you have never driven on before and you won’t know if you need to suddenly use them. If you decide to take your road trip in a car such as the Maserati, then it might be worth having some maserati gran turismo brakes fitted to ensure maximum safety.

2. Ensure You’re Insured – Make sure your auto insurance policy covers anyone inside your vehicle and out. Rental car companies may offer their own insurance but may not include all the coverage you normally carry. Check with your agent before a trip if you are unsure about what your policy entails.

3. Make a List – Keep emergency numbers handy. Before your trip, check the contacts on your digital devices or a good old fashioned paper tucked into your glove compartment. Make sure you have numbers like your doctor, insurance agent, pet housing, etc. If a situation should arise, the last thing you want to do is dig through your bag for that crumpled business card.

4. Pack Smart – Accidents happen when goods are stored improperly whether inside or outside of the car. Sure, there are always those people blissfully careening down the highway with a canoe duct-taped to their 1976 Beetle, but who wants to get tendonitis holding the rim of a little used recreational tool. Pack a kit of bungee cords and twine (as a backup). It might even be a good idea to pre-pack and ensure that everything fits. “Oh darn, it looks like we can’t manage the picnic set we haven’t used since we were dating.”

5. Navigate Like a Pro – Plan your route ahead of time, keeping in mind when you will cross major traffic patterns like big cities. No one will thank you for trying to zoom through Atlanta at 5:00 in the afternoon, even with the newly installed Blu-Ray player and five disc changer. Stop for meals at times that will alleviate your travels through clogged urban areas. Look out for construction before leaving home too. Most cities post timely warnings about lane and road closures. And if you live in Orlando like us, just plan on avoiding I-4 for the next ten years. It is also worth having a read up on road safety best practices to ensure you stay safe on the road whilst you are away!

6. Buckle Up – Seatbelts all around! Get a neck pillow or one of those nifty strap covers if you’re prone to whining about comfort. There is no easier way to ensure your safety in a moving vehicle than with a quick click. It seems like a no-brainer, but it’s always worth the reminder. There’s a financial benefit too. Plenty of states host a click-it or ticket campaign that could hike your insurance rates if your road trip includes a meet and greet with a local police officer. Be smart about it to ensure that you have more options from when it comes time to renew that insurance.

7. Go Your Own Pace – It’s vacation! Do you really have to get there in 15 hours? Why not stop and smell the local produce stands? For some, driving through the night is the only way to go. If you do, make a plan to stop and rest or trade drivers as needed. Dangerous accidents occur when sleepy drivers are at the helm. Speaking of accidents, this is not something that anyone wants to happen, but if you ever find yourself in one for whatever reason, knowing that there are professional car accident attorneys like the Serious Injury Law Group out there who can help you get your life back on track, this would at least be one less aspect to think about. Just take your time while driving and always stick to the speed limit!
Maybe you can leave a little earlier and avoid the most harrowing middle-of-the-night hours by dozing at a rest stop. Or maybe you just need to make a map of all the 24-hour swanky coffee places on your route.

America’s open roads are calling. Sedan, truck or hybrid, with a bit of planning and driving smarts you can be safe and enjoy the thrill of the highway. Have a great trip and don’t forget to send us a postcard!

If you need an insurance check-up before your trip, give us a call at 407-965-4253.

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