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Call Your Agent First

Call Your Agent First

In the event of a loss, after you assess the damage, your first response is to pick up the phone and dial.  Who do you call?  Your lawyer or your insurance agent?  Plenty of radio ads and billboards will advise you to call a lawyer, but the truth is, your independent insurance agent can help you decide whether it’s in your best interest to file a claim and can often save you money in the long run.

Call your agent first.  The benefit to calling your independent insurance agent is in their ability to advise.  They can tell you the best course of action:  whether you should hire a lawyer, contact the offending party’s insurance company, make a claim, or just pay for the damages to maintain your record. 

Knowing your story from the beginning can also protect you from problems in the processing of your claim.  If any misunderstanding should occur between the insurance company and the client (you), your agent can usually sort things out more rapidly than you by yourself.  Your independent insurance agent can also speed up a process that has become bogged down in red tape. 

Maybe the problem that occurred wasn’t even covered in your insurance plan.  Calling your agent first means they can help you change or update your plan to better suit your needs.  It may be a wake-up call to amend your policy to better protect you in the future. 

If you have questions about your coverage, call us today at 407-965-4253.  We’re ready to work with you and make your insurance experience as stress-free as possible. 

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