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Customer Service Matters

Customer Service Matters

Hold music plays on loop as you wait, pacing the kitchen with your phone on speaker. Do you start clearing the dishwasher or mop the floors? Why not? You probably have at least another ten minutes until your place in the phone lines gets some attention. And let’s be honest, you’re not too confident you’ll even get the answer you need.

Insurance agencies are also in the business of customer service. When you need help with a claim, you contact the office for support. In the midst of an incident, you don’t want to be stuck on the phone trying to deal with a call center, but you need to talk to someone in the business that also knows your details and products/services you’re using. Many agencies will look at what is crm in order to improve their customer relationships by using a singular piece of software that can manage all customers and their appropriate information.

Most insurance agencies hire lots of 4-40 licensed customer service reps (CSRs) and just a few 2-20 licensed agents. While both carry a license, the 2-20 agents license requires much more extensive schooling and rigorous testing. We do it differently around here though. We are proud to say that nearly all of our staff carry the more prestigious 2-20 license designation. While it is more costly and difficult to do this, we believe it is necessary to provide top level service to all of our clients.

What does this mean for you, the customer? Basically, you’re guaranteed a well-educated staff that can help answer your tough questions. You won’t need to wait on hold while an under-secretary asks the assistant manager how to process your policy. Not all insurance agencies can claim this kind of superior customer service. Our team is here to help you feel confident and get the best protection. You can be sure you’ll never have to pass time with hold music while you wonder just who is going to pick up. If you want to mop the floors and multitask while we chat, well, that’s your business. A clean house is great to insure.

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