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Get to Know Fudge Insurance: Vacation Rental Insurance Specialists

Managing vacation rental property in Florida comes with a unique set of challenges and insurance needs. That’s why Central Florida-based Fudge Insurance has partnered with CiiRUS to provide expert insurance at your fingertips.

For over a decade, Fudge Insurance has established themselves in the vacation rental insurance industry with clients from across the globe. A trusted partner of the Florida Vacation Rental Management Association (FVRMA), the Fudge team is experienced in insuring hundreds of property managers and thousands of vacation home owners. As an independent insurance agency, Fudge Insurance has the ability to choose from a wide range of policies to offer the best protection for your properties.

Fudge and CiiRUS have teamed up to provide users with a simple way to request new insurance quotes and view client policy details in one location. When you insure through Fudge, you can view insurance policies and request quotes for your property management company and owner’s homes right from your CiiRUS dashboard. Fudge also offers a complimentary review of any other type of policy.

It’s important to know about the unique nature of the vacation home industry and all that is required in order to keep your investment safe and financially sound.  The Fudge team is here to help you navigate this process and provide the highest-quality service to find policies that fit your needs. Contact Fudge Insurance at 407-965-4253 and get started with your vacation home insurance in Florida.

5 Tips to Protect Florida Vacation Rental Properties  

1. Find an Expert

Get help putting the best policy in place by someone who knows the intricacies of vacation rental insurance in Florida. You can find trusted partners through the FVRMA .

2. Be Ready for Hurricane Season

Know the risk areas for your property and form a plan to address any damage after the storm. Talk with your insurance professional to secure reliable contractors for repairs.

3. Watch for Fraud

Florida is in the midst of a war on insurance fraud caused by unscrupulous contractors.  Make sure you don’t sign anything without getting your insurance professional involved. Some contractors try to use an Assignment of Benefits which may ultimately lead to more costly repairs.

4. Assess Flood Risk

If your property is located on or close to water, you will need flood insurance coverage since flood damage is not protected under a traditional homeowners policy. Technically, all of Florida is at some risk, so simply looking at flood zone maps may not be enough. Even heavy rains have caused major damage to properties in the past few years.

5. Understand Sinkholes

Unlike some states, sinkholes are covered under an insurance policy in Florida—to a point.  Talk with your agent to find out if you need additional coverage to protect your property.

Learn more about these specific needs for insuring a rental property in Florida here on our blog.

Pictured: President Doug Fudge

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