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Insurance Apps

Insurance Apps

With the raging popularity of Pokémon Go, it seems fitting to let you know how the insurance world is getting into the game of apps.  Granted, you probably won’t be meeting friends at a park to hunt for discount bundles, but hey, you just may enjoy taking your insurance needs on the go.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

ph_know_your_plan_iconKnow Your Plan

The Insurance Information Institute (III) developed this tool to help your family prepare for the event of a disaster.  With a library of pre-loaded checklists, you can make step by step decisions about your property and your own well-being.  The download is free, and content can be shared among family and friends.  Perhaps the strongest feature of this app is a geo-targeted alert feed that provides timely updates for weather warnings and evacuation routes to keep you and your loved ones safe.

ph_know_your_stuff_iconKnow Your Stuff

Another offering from the III, this app allows users to create and update a home inventory-something no homeowner or renter should be without.  Creating a record of your assets allows you to file a claim more quickly in the event of damage.  It also helps you better plan your insurance coverage.  In the app, users make lists based on preset rooms or create their own, adding the item and its estimated value.  The app makes this process quick, allowing you to access secured insurance data whenever you need it.  It’s also free.

Safe Driver Apps

There are so many of these, choosing one can be hard.  First decide who is using the app.  Will you use it to stop tempting text messages while driving, or to monitor your teen driver?  Here is a top choice for each category.


This app offers a wide range of information for keeping tabs on a teen behind the wheel.  Text updates to a paired phone report driving violations like speeding or running a stop sign, while a web version allows for more extensive data.  But penalties aren’t the only thing tracked in this tool.  Safe driving reports rack up points that can be exchanged for gift cards to popular stores, giving your teen an incentive to drive well.

attDriveMode by AT&T

Provided by a major wireless carrier, this app is free and offers easy to use text-blocking features.  The app itself will automatically turn off texts once a car is in motion and allows texts again when the car stops.  Once available only for Android and Blackberry, the app recently released a version for iOS.


While not directly tied to insurance, this app allows you to manage a budget that includes your insurance payments.  You can create personalized categories to balance finances and track savings.  The app also offers helpful tips about creating a disaster fund and encourages users with money-saving strategies.

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