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Insuring Items Outside Of Your Home

Insuring Items Outside of Your Home

Personal property kept outside of the home is just as valuable as what’s stored inside your walls. But is it covered in your insurance policy? Off-site insurance coverage is invaluable to protect your stored items, whether they are based in Lockstock Storage or other facilities.

Storage Units

In the past two decades, the amount of storage facilities which are similar to the storage units pueblo co have to offer, has more than tripled in the US. Although more Americans than ever are storing goods in rental units, insuring these goods is an often overlooked step in the process. To ensure your belongings are protected, the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I) recommends checking with your provider about how far your coverage extends. Some homeowners’ policies cover belongings kept off-premises however you may need to add a floater or endorsement to secure these items. However, if you feel that just having added insurance cover isn’t enough to protect your stored items, then maybe you should think about installing new and stronger overhead doors from somewhere like the Industrial Door Company, (HTTPS://WWW.INDUSTRIALDOORCOMPANY.COM/OVERHEAD-DOORS/) to prevent any unwanted visitors to your unit. These doors, alongside vital insurance coverage could help to keep everything safe and secure. It is something to consider when you’re looking into the storage unit prices in your area.

Safe-Deposit Boxes

While plenty of people trust their valuables to safety deposits at the bank, most don’t realize that the contents are not insured by the bank. The good news is small items, like jewelry, kept in a deposit box will cost less to insure according to the I.I.I.. Loretta Worters, vice president of the I.I.I. says “keep jewelry in a bank safe-deposit box rather than a storage unit. It’s safer, and homeowners’ policies may offer discounts on valuables kept in safe deposit boxes.”

Create an Inventory

The I.I.I. also recommends making an inventory of items kept in storage facilities. This makes it easy to track your belongings and keep tabs on what’s being insured. Inventories can be created on video or with photos for the best results. There are also tools on the web to help manage personal belongings. Know Your Stuff is an app and website that keeps a secure data cloud of your list, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Questions to Ask Your Agent

  • Does my homeowner’s or renter’s policy cover personal property kept off site? If so, up to what amount?
  • Does my policy cover natural disasters like flooding and earthquakes as well as vermin, poor maintenance or mildew?
  • What coverage is provided for theft of items?
  • Should I purchase additional coverage for my storage unit?

Questions to Ask the Storage Facility

  • What insurance coverage do you offer?
  • What security measures do you have in place to ensure protection of items?
  • Do you have a pest control service contracted to maintain vermin in the facility?
  • Are your units climate controlled?

Are your valuables insured? If you need help determining what’s included in your policy or if you think you may need additional coverage, call us today at 407-965-4253. We are here to help you!

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