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Tennessee Vacation Rental Property

Insuring Your Tennessee Vacation Rental Property

Luxurious mountain cabins nestled above winding gravel roads, rustic homes besides sprawling woods, or modern wonders with country touches near Nashville’s music scene—these are all ideal places for a Tennessee vacation rental property.

After you purchase your dream vacation property, you’ll need to make some key decisions. Reading the turnkey real estate guide can help with some of these decisions so I hear. Chances are you’ll visit the property a few times out of the year. But what will you do when you’re not at your home away from home? You’ll need an insurance policy that addresses the unique risks of owning a vacation rental property in Tennessee, and experts willing to take on this type of insurance.

At Fudge Insurance we’ve been covering vacation rental properties for the past 15 years. While some insurers are wary to take on a property with absentee owners, we’ve insured thousands of short-term rental properties with clients in 77 countries.

When insuring a vacation rental property, here are the factors to consider:

  • Do you occupy your second home or vacation home intermittently or non-continuously?
  • Is your property rented out weekly or monthly?
  • Do you furnish this second home for short-term renters, or do you leave it empty for long-term tenants?
  • How will you protect your home against risks like vandalism when the home is unoccupied?

Where your property is located also plays a role in determining the specific coverage you need. Specific concerns about the climate and geography of Tennessee will dictate some of your policy needs. An insurance policy for a vacation rental property will also take into account the features of your home, like pools and hot tubs, to calculate the necessary liability coverage.

With experienced and knowledgeable agents serving many clients with vacation rental properties, we’re here to answer your questions, provide a free quote, and help you protect your home away from home. Let us give you the peace of mind to enjoy your Tennessee vacation rental dream.

Fudge Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializing in vacation rental property and short-term rental insurance. Our team believes that every client deserves personalized care and excellent service from an agency whose core values are integrity, family, and quality. Call our office today at 407-965-4253 or click here to start the process of talking with an agent about insuring your vacation home.

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