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Meet Doug Fudge

Meet Doug Fudge

Today we’d like to introduce you to Fudge and Associates’ President Doug Fudge. Doug acts as manager for the personal lines department and serves as an agent for homeowners and business insurance. And yes, he is the son of the eponymous P Fudge.

Doug began his career in insurance before the birth of Fudge & Associates, employed alongside his father at another agency. Since 2004, Doug has been working with homeowners and businesses to customize their insurance needs. He enjoys building lasting relationships with his clients and appreciates the team of people he works with at the agency.

As an agent for homeowners insurance, Doug has a lot of ideas to help clients save money. “Before buying a home,” Doug suggests to customers, “ask us for tips on what features can make insuring your house less expensive.” He also advises that home buyers keep their options open. “It’s your choice who you buy insurance from, your realtor or mortgage brokers cannot force you to use their sources.” If you are looking for mortgage brokers, make sure that you find one that suits your wants and needs for a new home and financing it, there are many out there who can help you the way you require it. Finding the right and best home for you is important. You won’t to feel like you’ve made the right choice and are financing something that adds towards your future as well as your families. No matter where you are looking to find a home, whether that be Florida real estate or Boston real estate, you can get the right money to finance it and be on the right insurance plan to keep it safe.

Aside from his place in the office at Fudge and Associates, Doug uses his artistic side to create one of a kind pottery pieces and handmade furniture. “I have an interdisciplinary degree from Abilene Christian University in Industrial Technology and Art with a focus in ceramics,” Doug reveals. Born in Zimbabwe, the President of Fudge and associates has spent most of his life in Florida. When he’s not working, Doug loves spending time with his wife, Breck, and their two young children.

Doug is happy to help you find the coverage you need at a reasonable price. If you have questions about your insurance or would like us to take a look around for a better policy give us a call today at 407-965-4253!

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