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Meet Kathy Longtin

Meet Kathy Longtin

Kathy Longtin found her way into the insurance business twelve years ago after crossing paths with Paul Fudge.  A vibrant agent for the P Fudge and Associates team, Kathy specializes in homeowners insurance for primary, rental, and vacation residences. 

It wasn’t insurance that started Kathy and Paul’s acquaintance but drama.  That’s right; Kathy was a writer and actor for the stage in the same theater group.  A few other tidbits about Kathy: born in Minnesota, she traveled the world with her military hubby “following his submarine” before settling in Florida. 

The P Fudge and Associates team is important to Kathy.  She calls her co-workers serious about their jobs but not about themselves and counts herself blessed to be a part of the company.  As a P Fudge and Associates agent, Kathy works diligently to make sure their clients have all of their insurance needs met.    

Kathy believes it’s important for homeowners to reshape their policy as often as needed.  She says it’s her job to shop for the best rates that fit her client’s needs.  Before she became an agent, Kathy remembers, she knew little about her own insurance coverage.  Now, she encourages clients to ask questions and be informed so they can save money and get the best policy.

Kathy wants customers to know that as an independent agency, P Fudge and Associates can shop multiple companies and tailor coverages and deductibles to their needs.  Kathy also works with condo owners.  She says a common misconception is that the condo association will insure your unit when in truth, their policy only covers the walls-not what’s inside them. 

As a member of the P Fudge and Associates team, Kathy works to keep clients informed and is always ready to share her knowledge.  So if you have questions about your insurance or would like us to take a look around for a better policy give us a call today at 407-965-4253!

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