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    Do You Need Business Auto Insurance?

    Do You Need Business Auto Insurance?

    Business is mobile. Whether you have a small fleet of repair vehicles, or a pair of vans for transporting cupcakes, business auto insurance will protect your company on the road.

    Many wonder if business auto insurance is a necessity, but the truth is, any vehicle used for company purposes on a regular basis is a liability. To protect yourself, your employees, and your assets, you’ll need a policy to cover each vehicle in use for your company. A knowledgeable insurance agent can walk you through the policy coverage you need. A vehicle covered for business purposes will need the same kinds of coverage a personal auto insurance policy manages, but with more considerations based on the uses and needs of the business.

    Business auto insurance not only covers company vehicles, it also covers rentals, and employee owned vehicles used while on the job. Policies for your business will cover liabilities like bodily injury and property damage caused by a company vehicle, protecting your assets from any accidents that should occur on company time.

    Another benefit of insuring those company cars, many policies offer discounts for multiple vehicles. Policies cover liability from bodily injury and property damage caused by non-owned and hired vehicles (the aforementioned employee-owned automobiles or rentals). When a new employee comes on the scene, you have thirty days to add them to the policy. Remember, anyone who drives for company purposes will be liable.

    No matter the size of your business, if a vehicle is used daily to conduct your work, you need to insure your vehicle(s) to protect your employees and your business. Business auto policies provide specific coverage that goes beyond personal auto insurance, even if you use your own car for regular company outings. So, whether you’re turning your sedan into a taxi or hauling landscaping equipment, a business auto insurance policy should be part of your business plan.

    When it comes to running your own taxi driving companies, like Uber, it is important that you have the relevant insurance coverage in place so that your drivers and their clients are safe in the vehicle at all times. It is the sole responsibility of the drivers themselves to look for their own cheap uber insurance to guarantee coverage so that they can work as Uber drivers, or to work for any other type of private hire taxi service. More damage can be done without insurance than with it, so this is something that is important if you want to work within the industry.

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