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5 Tips For Christmas Tree Safety

5 Tips for Christmas Tree Safety

Tis’ the season for festive decorating. Keep your home or workplace and everyone in it safe by following these tips for Christmas tree safety:

1. Place Your Tree Properly

Display your tree in a well-ventilated spot away from heat sources. Be sure to set your tree well away from fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, candles, heat vents, lights, or any other heat source in your home. Keep fresh trees watered daily to avoid dried-out needles that can become more of a fire hazard. If you’re still to get a Christmas tree this year, you may want to consider checking out what Home Depot has available – go now and you may even be able to make a saving by using a coupon or promo code at the checkout.

2. Check Your Lights

Look for a lab-tested set, identifiable by their UL or ETL/ITSNA label on the box or strand. Discard lights with damaged cords, bulbs, or wires. Avoid lights that get hot. LED lights stay cool but still give off a festive glow. If you are decorating your workplace for the holidays, you could also consider reaching out to a decorating specialist for some festive lighting advice. For instance, Thanks to the brilliant Christmas lighting hire and installation services offered by phs Greenleaf, there’s no need for those festive essentials to be a cause for hassle and stress. Contact phs Greenleaf for a full scale solution to your Christmas lighting needs.

3. Say Good Night to Lights

Santa can surely set your lights aglow when he arrives. Don’t leave your lights on when you bed down for a nice winter’s nap. Turn off the lights and unplug.

4. Be Tree Smart

There are different precautions for live vs. fake trees. Live trees should be purchased with vibrant, green needles with 1-2 inches cut from the trunk. Artificial trees should be certified as fire retardant. There are hundreds of different artificial christmas trees available, so look around to find one that suits you. Its as easy as looking here at customer reviews, so you can ensure you find the perfect one for you Christmas! Remember to carry out all of the checks though, such as ensuring its flame retardant.

5. Protect Your Pets

Curious critters can make a tree hazardous. Make sure your evergreen rests in a sturdy stand in case little paws decide to explore the branches.

The Flocking Debate

To flock, or not to flock? That is a question that resurfaces each Christmas season. Flocking, or coating your tree in a spray that mimics snow, is a popular addition to both fresh and artificial trees. Flocking can be a DIY project or a professional job. Most craft stores carry pre-made mixes and some savvy guides on the internet show you how to make your own. If you choose to add either to your tree, make sure you take precautions. The mixture can become a fire hazard if lights near the spray become too hot, but many fire officials believe flocking can also reduce the rate of drying, thus making a fresh tree less hazardous.

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