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    Fudge Insurance – A Family-Owned, Independent Insurance Agency in Orlando

    We offer custom-fit insurance policies to families, businesses and individuals who need choice, broad coverage options and exceptional services at fair prices.

    At Fudge Insurance, we hold the values of honesty and integrity in the highest regard in our personal lives, and these same values drive our day-to-day work decisions as well.

    We want to treat others the way we would like to be treated.  A good day at work is a day when a lot of smiles get passed around.  Below are the people that help make that happen.

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    Fudge Insurance recognizes the worth of our clients and employees.  This is a people business, and we have built the company on personal relationships.

    We are driven by our values of integrity, professionalism, neighborliness, and service.

    Our Origin Story

    Interested in our founding story & history?  Check out our Founders Page!

    Work Environment

    Fudge Insurance will provide insurance products and services in an environment of professionalism and personal caring. Our goal is to nurture lifelong working relationships that turn our clients into friends.

    We will provide a work environment that encourages and facilitates personal, professional and spiritual growth.

    We will operate in an efficient and profitable manner in such a way that employees can share in the profits based upon personal productivity.

    We will take corporate responsibility seriously by sharing our profits with worthy causes and organizations.

    Why You Should Choose an Independent Agent

    The answer is simple:  Some agents work for a single company but an independent agent works for you.

    We are not driven by quota and goals handed down to us by a corporate office.  Our only goal is to get you the right policy at the right price.

    As independent agents, our livelihood depends on your continued business and your referrals – all of which ride on your complete satisfaction with our products, our service, our specialized knowledge, and our ethical conduct.

    We Custom-Fit Coverage To You

    We have a greater selection of products and companies to choose from because we are not beholden to a single insurance company.

    For you, this means greater choices for a better fit.  We can adjust the type and amount of coverage with more flexibility to meet your needs and your budget.

    If you were to call one of those big insurance companies, the person who quotes you, answers your questions, and handles your claims may all be different people, with little to no incentive to serve you personally – they have hundreds of other tasks to complete.  When you call our office, you’ll know who you’re talking to – and we will know you too.

    We Go To Bat For You

    We believe that people want to do business with an agent who is honest, fair, and professional.  That belief is our guiding principle.

    The Team

    Our Carriers

    Our reputation is no better than the performance of the companies with whom we associate ourselves.  As independent agents whose primary allegiance is to our clients, it is in the best interest of both our clients and our company to keep a wealth of companies from which to choose insurance products from.  We are proud to be able to offer you this level of choice and service.  We evaluate whether we want to place our clients with a company by checking the following:

    Company principles
    Service history
    Financial condition
    Claims record
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