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Auto Insurance Claim

5 Questions to Ask When Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Whether an auto accident is your fault or not, it sets in motion a chain of events that involve you and your insurance provider. You will need your car to be repaired by a Mechanic Burnaby, BC and this will obviously incur costs. The question is how much of those costs are covered by your insurance?

If you are the one who did cause the auto accident by reckless driving, you will need to research what the law is in your state for doing it, you may search ‘reckless driving in RVA‘ to find out what to do if you are caught and what your state law says may happen. While you focus on safety and repairs, your insurance agent plays a critical role in the process. Choosing the right insurance agent could help you find answers to all your insurance-related queries. Auto Insurance in Cibolo, TX, or any other place, could require you to contact an insurance agent. Know how to have the best conversation that’s beneficial to you and your agent when you file your auto insurance claim.

1. What documents do I need to show my insurer?

A police report filed at the scene or a proof of claim form will most likely be the first step to processing your incident. Your insurer may have an electronic form you can submit, or may take information over the phone. Save all receipts related to the car repair, even the receipts from whichever towing company you used, such as this service you can find on and other sites that can enable you to find a towing service 24/7 should you experience an accident.

2. Does my policy cover a rental car?

If you have rental reimbursement on your policy, then yes, you will be covered. If you don’t already have this coverage as part of your policy, you may want to add it before you have an incident. It’s usually an inexpensive addition to an auto policy.

3. When will my insurance contact me?

When you insure with an independent agency, you probably already know your insurance agent by name. You may even text them pictures of your damages. If not, make sure you have the name and contact information of whomever is handling your claim. Be up front asking about a realistic timeline and how you’ll receive updates regarding your auto insurance claim. Give a few days of grace period, then if you still need information, you know exactly who to call.

4. Do you have a deadline for disputing a claim or filing more information?

Make sure you’re clear on what’s expected on your end. You need to know if there is a limited number of days you can submit information that will be weighed against the claim. What if you need to address how a part of the auto insurance claim is being handled? Some insurers give a specified amount of time to deal with these issues.

5. How will this affect my policy?

Many drivers wonder how an accident will affect their insurance premium. It may be too soon to tell right after an accident, but you may also want to have a conversation with your insurer about how your policy held up during your claim. If you were bargain-hunting for the lowest price, you may have missed out on policy additions that would have alleviated costs at the time of your incident. It’s a good time to readdress your policy.

Fudge Insurance is an independent insurance agency dedicated to serving our clients with personal service whether you have one policy or three. Because we are an independent agency, we shop in a wider marketplace. Let us do the work for you to custom-fit your auto policy. Then, you’ll be matched with a knowledgeable agent who will handle your policies and claims and is available to answer your questions personally. With Fudge Insurance, you’re more than just a policy number, you’re family.

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