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Make A List, Check It Twice A Year

Make a List, Check it Twice a Year

Don’t Go Into the Holidays Without Completing This One Simple Task

Have you updated your home inventory this year?  We know, we harp on this a lot, but coming from those inside the insurance business, we can’t overstate the importance of this resource.  This list can speed up your insurance claim in the wake of a disaster.  In the best of times, a home inventory can help guide your decisions about the amount of insurance you need to protect your possessions.  Before the holiday rush, take a minute to record your personal items with videos, photographs and digital documents. 

What Is a Home inventory?

A home inventory is a list of assets inside and outside of your home.  It should be as comprehensive as you can make it, especially with what you consider valuable items.  Don’t skip the small stuff though.  Even clothes (a general estimate of the types of garments) can make the list.  If this task seems overwhelming, start with recent purchases, then backtrack.  It’s a good idea to list serial numbers for appliances and tech items.  You can also file receipts for big-ticket items with your inventory.

How Do You Make a Home Inventory?

Create categories by item type or room.  Start with high value items and work down the list.  For items like clothes, estimate the amount by type or garb.  Finally, snap photos or grab your preferred video-capture device and start rolling. 

Where Should You Store It?

Digitally recording your home inventory is the easiest and safest way to keep your list.  P Fudge and Associates owner Paul Fudge recommends keeping a copy off-site in a safety deposit box.  If you have cloud storage, even better.  There are apps available for the task which allow you to photograph and sort by room.  Inventory for Homeowners and my Inventory are two free apps with lots of features for cataloging your lists.  Or, simplify and make a note on your Smart Phone.    

In the event of an emergency, a home inventory checklist is essential.  Today’s tech tools make it easy to store and update.  We’re not saying you need to run up a list every time you come home from the mall, but keeping it up-to-date with your assets can alleviate a guessing game should a problem arise.  Besides, it’s never a bad time to count your blessings. 

Questions about your home inventory checklist or other insurance needs?  Contact us at P Fudge and Associates.  We’re ready to answer your questions and help you find the right insurance to fit your needs. 

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