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5 Hurricane Season Prep Tips for Florida Homeowners

When hurricane season comes storming in, it’s time to check your stores of batteries, water, and canned food; but what about preparations outside the emergency box? As well as all this, doing something as simple as getting in touch with a residential metal roofing Company to repair previous damage to the roof would be beneficial. If a hurricane hits, this will only make the roof worse than before.

As Florida homeowners, there are measures you can take to protect your home and lessen damage should a hurricane strike.

1. Get Covered for Floods

“Powerful storms like hurricanes grab the headlines, but slow-moving tropical storms bringing huge amounts of rain can cause equally damaging inland floods,” says Lynne McChristian, Florida spokesperson for the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.). Florida is especially at risk since nearly all the state is considered a probable flood zone. In Florida, flood insurance policies must be in effect for 30 days to be of use, so don’t wait. For more information about flood insurance, check out our blog post on Florida flood insurance here!

2. Take Inventory

Just like a business scanning its shelves, you need to know your stuff. Assessing your assets before the storm is essential. The Florida Insurance Council recommends making a list of every important item in your house-even the couch and pillows. Video recordings or digital photos work just as well. More information about home inventories can be found in our blog post about insuring your items!

3. Know Your Numbers

When the winds stop howling, do you know who to contact once you determine your property has been damaged? Keep a list of your insurance contacts inside your hurricane kit. You may even want to check in with your insurance agent before the big storm so you’re aware of your coverage (Our phone number is 407-965-4253). More information about the importance of calling your insurance agent after a loss can be found here!

4. Ready Your Roof

Before the winds come swirling, get a contractor like Water Damage and Roofing of Buda assess your roof for any leaks or worn spots and repair them. If you think you’ll be able to assess your roof, remember to be safe when inspecting, but it is usually better to get professionals like these roofing contractors cedar park to do it. Clean your gutters to maximize drainage from pounding rains. Keep a tarp or two handy to make immediate repairs and minimize further damage should you sustain roof damage. If you begin to notice any damage, contact a Roofing Company as soon as possible.

5. Trim Your Trees

Make sure to crop low-hanging branches that perch over your home. Even summer storms can break tree limbs, so it’s best to clear the growth before Mother Nature does. You can turn the limbs into mulch and reuse the pieces to perk up those planters.

If you have questions about your insurance, or need more tips on keeping your home safe please give us a call today at 407-965-4253. Be prepared this hurricane season!

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