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Do You Need Flood Insurance?

If you live in the state of Florida, your default answer is yes.

Summer rains and hurricanes can snap our attention back to the possibility of rising waters, and since all of Florida is deemed a flood zone, it’s a gamble not to purchase flood insurance. In fact, 25% of all floods nationwide occur in non-hazard flood areas.

According to FEMA, floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States. Since it only takes a few inches to cause problems, protecting your home from water damage is essential. Structural and cosmetic destruction can lead to costly repairs with health risks such as mold also a factor. In 2008, tropical storm Fay left over 8,000 homes damaged from flood waters in one county alone. Imagine the destruction that was caused? Even if your property isn’t completely destroyed, there would’ve been a certain extent of damage, something that a water removal service in your area may be able to help with, so you can have a safe place to live. If your home is declared “unlivable,” you may even need to seek temporary housing.

Flood insurance is typically not included in your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you’re not insured, don’t wait until a hurricane swirls close to our shores. Flood coverage doesn’t take effect until 30 days after purchase.

Remember, hurricane season officially lasts from June 1st-November 30th, but storms can pop up before or after this window. We’ve already seen tropical storm Ana and June 1st is weeks away. Protect your home.

If you have questions about insurance or would like a Flood Insurance quote, please email us or give us a call today at 407-965-4253.

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