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    3 Uncommon Insurance Coverage Options We Offer

    3 Uncommon Insurance Coverage Options We Offer

    They Insure That?

    When you hear the word insurance, your mind probably jumps to homes, cars or health, but there are other opportunities to insure what’s important. As an independent insurance agency, you might not realize that we cover some specific items that even large insurers may not. Here are some unique items or situations that Fudge Insurance covers.

    Short Term Rental Insurance

    For those who purchase property to use as a vacation rental, insuring your space can become difficult. While some insurers do not cover properties used as vacation rentals, our agency insures thousands of short-term rental properties across the southern United States. Whether you own a cozy cabin in Tennessee or a pool-side condo in Orlando, we work with the best providers to give you piece of mind when you’re far from your vacation rental.

    Short-term rental insurance provides protection for homeowners who choose to rent their properties on a weekly or monthly basis. While many agencies will not knowingly agree to cover this, we specialize in vacation rental insurance. We serve clients in over 75 countries and regularly attend A Place in the Sun Live, one of the biggest vacation rental property events in the world.

    A short-term rental insurance policy covers liability and property damage giving owners piece of mind from across the miles.

    Bed Bug Insurance

    Imagine getting a call about a property you own in another state or country. The tenants wake to find little red bumps on their arms and legs. The culprit? Bed bugs.

    This little bug can cause a big headache for landlords and property managers. Not only does a costly removal process have to take place, but a family is displaced from their home. Recently, we have become one of a handful of insurers to offer protection against such a situation. Bed bug insurance allows the property manager to simply turn the problem over to their insurer. The policy will help with extermination and cover any displacement costs that arise from moving the tenant. All you have to do is
    save your receipts.

    Bed Bugs are a nightmare no landlord wants to deal with. Unfortunately, these pests do turn up and can become a money-draining problem. This coverage is inexpensive and allows owners to quickly and easily fix a bed bug infestation so their rental property is disturbed for as little time as possible.

    Boat Insurance

    Since we live and insure in the Southern United States, oceans, lakes, and rivers abound. Whether you keep a water craft in dry dock or moor it behind your home, you will most likely need a separate policy to cover this valuable marine vessel.

    Like car insurance, we insure boats for physical damage, theft, property damage, and liability. As with automobiles, the make and model of a boat also play a role in determining the policy. Small craft that only reach a speed of up to 25 miles per hour are typically covered under a home insurance policy. Large craft, with the exception of Jet Skis, need a separate policy.

    Boat insurance policies provide larger liability protection than a typical homeowner’s policy, which only accounts for vessels small enough to be considered part of the valuables kept in the home. The larger the craft, the larger the asset it becomes. Since boating laws also account for safe driving practices, you may even qualify for discounts after taking certified boating safety courses. Whatever water craft floats your boat, we’ll cover it with a separate policy.

    We’re Here to Help

    If you have a question that sounds like “do they cover that?” let’s talk. We’re here to help answer any questions you have about insurance policies whether personal or for business. A trusted independent insurance agency dedicated to providing the best service, we can do more to personalize your coverage. Contact us today!. If you’re in the UK and you need a fantastic insurance quote from UK experts in the field, I heard from a friend that One Sure insurance provide a brilliant range of quotes, so I hear.

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