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North Carolina Vacation Property

Insuring Your Vacation Rental Property in North Carolina

Majestic mountains, sparkling lakes, and an extensive coastline make North Carolina a beautiful state to enjoy year-round. Maybe that’s why so many choose to own a North Carolina vacation property in the midst of these scenic areas that are so plentiful in the region. And because you want to take in every corner of this magnificent state, finding the perfect vacation home should be at the top of your list. To increase your chances of finding the property of your dreams, looking for “real estate agents near me” could be a good way to ensure that you find something that can help to increase your love for this state, as well as securing a view that is just out of this world. It could also be the case that you decide to rent a property in the scenic and later, buy it off. You could learn more about rent to own homes from various articles and blogs found online.

So, if you’ve made or are thinking about making North Carolina your home away from home, here are some things to consider when purchasing a vacation property.

1. How Often Will You Visit?

As you purchase your dream property, you’ll need to decide just how much time you’ll spend in your home away from home. Whether you find a cozy cabin in the Appalachians or a beach bungalow, you’ll want to map out the purpose of your new pad.

Will you be there for extended periods throughout the year as a winter or summer home? Or will you visit for small chunks of time off and on in a true vacation sense? In the housing market, these types of stays are termed intermittent or non-continuous and will determine a few things about how the property is maintained and insured.

2. Will You Rent?

Once you’ve decided how much time you’ll devote to your new property, you can decide if you intend to rent out your vacation home. Of course, you do have other options, such as putting it up for sale using a service similar to this you can find at for example. Depending on the area, you may be able to easily rent out your space weekly or monthly to other vacationers. North Carolina is popular at certain peak seasons throughout the year, so you’ll want to check with locals or the state to find out when those times are.

3. How Will You Insure Your Property?

After you’ve chosen how you’ll use your new property, you’ll need to insure it properly. Traditional homeowners insurance policies don’t cover absentee owners or homes used as vacation rental properties. You’ll need short-term rental insurance. At Fudge Insurance, we work with the best companies that provide protection to give owners a piece of mind in securing their home. We cover short-term rental homes in North Carolina as well as other destination states.

Read more about our short-term and long-term rental insurance and get a quote. We’ve insured vacation rental properties for over 15 years and we’d like to help you protect your piece of the North Carolina dream.

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